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Grace. So often we give it but don’t allow ourselves to receive it. Why is that? What makes teachers believe that if they aren’t perfect they are failing? Is it principals, parents, or peers – NOPE.  It is us.

We all strive for perfection, which is a worthy goal, but more often than not it paralyzes us.

I have seen teachers defeated before they begin because they are comparing their beginning to someone else’s middle. It is especially apparent when I work with teachers on integrating technology into their instruction. More often than not they feel inept and no one wants to feel inept, especially a teacher. And I remind them to give themselves grace.

Because we all start somewhere and we just aren’t there YET.

Grace. Let it be your mantra when you feel like you aren’t measuring up. Because guess what, you are measuring up. Just ask your kids, peers, parents and even your principal. You are your harshest critic and you need to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and flawed. Revel in the process. Life is messy and no one is perfect. Model that for kids. Let them see what it means to give yourself permission to risk, fail, get back up and try again. Let them see that the process is progress, even when you don’t reach the finish line. Start and end the day with grace.

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