Some Days You Just Want to be a Dilophosaurus.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.33.21 PMThis picture brings me great joy and reminds me that I am truly lucky to do what I do. I am surrounded daily by kids that are so excited about life and learning –  They are too young to care what others think and see no reason why you shouldn’t show up to school as a Dilophosauras.

So what happens between this day and graduation day?  More importantly, how do we continue to ignite this passion in kids and celebrate it?

Today I had the opportunity to hear Chris Barton (@Bartography) and Don Tate (@Devas_T) at our district conference, Convergence. During Q and A someone asked each of them to talk about a teacher that inspired them. Chris Barton answered the question immediately, talking about a high school journalism teacher but it was Don Tate’s answer that gave me a reason to pause.  He said he didn’t have a teacher that inspired him, in fact, he didn’t think many teachers even noticed him because he was a quiet, shy kid.

Heartbreaking.  How does a student go through 12+ years of school and feel like no one noticed him?

What can we do to see all our students and celebrate them for who they are today, in front of us right now? How to we recognize the gifts and talents of ALL students, including:

  • the quiet, shy ones
  • the silly ones
  • the angry ones
  • the confident ones
  • the athletic ones
  • the academic ones
  • the energetic ones
  • the challenging ones
  • the joyful ones

Because as @techninjatodd and @awelcome would say all #kidsdeserveit


3 thoughts on “Some Days You Just Want to be a Dilophosaurus.

  1. Great post, Chris! I felt much like you at the Q & A session at the kickoff to WCPSS Convergence yesterday. Heartbreaking. I’m very fortunate to have had countless educators throughout my K-12 career in public education who inspired me greatly while helping cement my decision to become an educator myself. It’s vital that we embrace our roles at not only educators but also mentors to the students we all serve. I appreciate what you do – #YouMatter. KOKO -Brendan


  2. I love this post, Pal.

    You know my story: I started writing to the parents of my students last year mostly because I’ve had a kid in public school for three years now and I almost NEVER hear anything positive from her teachers. I either hear nothing at all, or I hear complaints — she’s too silly or won’t sit still or plays with things at her desk or eats Doritos at a time that’s not snack time or won’t work hard on classwork or……

    It was (and is) breaking my heart to be on that side of the equation. Every kid deserves to feel special and every parent deserves to know that you value THEIR kid. If I’m not getting that as the parent of a primary student and an employee of the system that we work in, imagine how little other parents are getting from teachers.

    That’s nuts.

    I think our desire to be “data driven” has turned us cold in some way. Quirky kids are liabilities and every kid is either a plus or a minus on our data wall. That message — which is constantly reinforced by our system — is what prevents us from celebrating the Dilophosauri in our midst.

    Makes me sad,


  3. Hey, Chris. As a veteran educator and now expecting parent, I can’t help but to already think about the future of my child. Your “What If” message here strikes a unique chord with me that I never thought possible. Like it or not, my child will be perceived in a certain way by others, including by educators, and my only hope is that educators have the mindfulness, the awareness, and the heart of one Chris Tuttell. Just to care.

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